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Monster Loving Meemaws

Monster Loving Meemaws

Knowing it would soon be dead, the great serpent coiled its war torn body around the ruins long abandoned in the north hills. As its eyes drifted closed, it began to hear a nearby community of meemaws living together in the mountains. The monster needed help and so it called out to the old babes. The babes took one look at the beast and knew that the creature posed no danger to them. Without need for discussion, they went to work. All along its massive body, they set about cleaning, mending and comforting the monster. They offered fresh buttered bread and steaming cups of tea to the head and bustled over the body, bandaging every cut and bruise. Warmth returned to its skin and with eyes brimming with tears, the great serpent expressed its gratitude to the matriarch, vowing to protect the little town and every old babe that lived there.

This matte print measures 18x24" and is printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper.

*This item is fulfilled externally and will be shipped in a tube separately from additional purchases. Please see the FAQ for more information.

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